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Will David Get As Ripped As Gerard Butler?

This was a little while ago now — November 2009 actually — when I decided to help my buddy David to get as ripped as Leonidas (Gerard Butler in the 300 Movie) I kinda had a serious challenge on my hands.

You see, my friend David (that’s him in the picture above) had no idea that direct abs exercises are not the best exercises to get a ripped stomach.

He was completely clueless! He might as well have come from Mars.


He had no idea that cardio workouts are not the best workouts…

He knew nothing about the importance of a good diet…

But David was ready for a change…

He felt very self-conscious of what had become of his body. He felt like he had his back against the wall…he was tired of being out of shape and unhappy with himself…

Because I’m so excited and impressed with his results – I decided to share his transformation story with you.

Here goes …

Name: David Simonian

Age: 30

Before Weight: 215 pounds

Goal: I want to get as ripped as possible and see my abs.

When David was young, living with his two older brothers ensured that he had an athletic lifestyle.

“We spent our time playing football, baseball, basketball and any other sport you can think of. In high school, I started lifting weights so that I could be a better football player.”

In college even though David worked out three times a week, he would counteract his efforts by his unhealthy eating and drinking.

“In my early twenties I picked up quite a few bad habits. Having a party lifestyle meant that most of my time was spent eating garbage, drinking lots of beer and smoking cigarettes. Occasionally I would go to the gym to work out and then straight to a bar in gym clothes. No wonder I quickly began to pack on the pounds”

After his divorce David gained even more weight.

“My weight problems increased after my wife had left me, taking away my son Peter…Boy, I looked and felt horrible. I felt so depressed, you can’t imagine…shortly after that I also became jobless.”

And then it just got worse. His eating habits were terrible.

“I snacked on all the wrong things. I was drinking and eating late at night. My five basic food groups were: the hamburger group, the pizza group, the deep-fried-anything group, the soda group and the beer group)…It seemed that I only gained weight around my stomach. I guess all the bad eating habits were catching up with me. I ended up at 215 lbs and 20% body fat. “

When his unhealthy ways caught up with him, David realized he was disgusted with his appearance and lifestyle.

“Most people thought my body looked good – at least covered up in clothes -but I never felt comfortable with my shirt off around anyone. Every time I looked in the mirror…or when someone commented on my weight, I tried to laugh it off, but deep inside, I was hurt and upset with myself. I was also tired of continually sucking in my stomach to appear thinner.”

Breaking Point:

David finally came to the realization that life wasn’t over for a 30-year-old divorced dad.

“I knew I had to do something, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I knew a gym membership was out because they were too costly. So I bought a few home workout DVD’s on eBay (I can’t even remember the exact name), only to be disappointed later. I used to workout 5-6 times a week for over an hour each time…although I was running and doing workouts, I wasn’t losing weight or getting ripped. At this point my biggest fear was that I would never see my abs.”

He needed to do something different, but he wasn’t sure what.

Seeing the great results that I was able to get just after a few short months of using a fantastic abs program, I decided to recommend this program to David.

“I really wanted to find something that would stick – a life changer, if you will. When my buddy Michael told me about the abs system that he was using – I was hooked. Whoa!! I couldn’t believe my eyes how good his abs looked. I knew that this program could turn my life around.”

David can still hear his party-going-buddies laughing when he told them about the program.

“Why would you waste your time with this?”

“Do you really expect it to work?”

“That program can’t possibly do what it says!”

But David made a commitment to himself that he was going to complete the program no matter what.

“From day one, I made a promise to myself that I would stick to the program, follow the rules and not quit. To motivate myself I made a visualization board with images of my favorite ripped Hollywood actors.

Right Click and Save As > Visualization Board (1 024px × 768px)

“After the first month was over, I was feeling great. I was starting to feel more energized. I knew I was far from done, but I was beginning to feel good about myself and this program. What I liked the most about the workouts is that you never get bored. NO MORE boring treadmill cardio sessions. God, I hated them! NO MORE boring ab workouts.”

The program made him realize how important diet is.

“The most challenging part of the program was the way I ate. The program made me realize that exercise and diet work together more intricately than I’d ever known. After a few weeks of eating healthily, I began to notice that my new diet was literally building a new version of myself with every meal. I started to see the results that I’d always dreamed about.”

After the first month David had lost 15 pounds and could see a little difference. His stomach felt much tighter, clothes were fitting better and his energy level was very high. He knew there were a lot more changes going on.

David After 30 Days

Not As Ripped As Gerard Yet...But Getting There!

His next month really began to tone him up and get him leaner. Around day 70, he was seeing incredible results: abs, lean arms and a much more defined back.

“With this my motivation sank for about 2 days, but maintained the eating habits (don’t want to call it a diet). I had hit my target weight of 185 lbs. But being as driven as I had become, I refocused my energy to finish out the program. And I’m glad I did!”

Now…several months later…

“I am yet another VERY proud owner of a SIX-PACK. Friends and associates ask me how I did it, and I gladly tell them. I simply tell them to follow the program – I did.

The program works! I love it!

It’s not something I ever expected, and all without spending 2 hours in the gym, eating thick globby shakes or taking a multitude of supplements. My only downside is that I needed to buy new clothes since mine were falling off me. I can live with THAT!!! :) )”

Amazing Results! Seriously.

Now, you understand why I’m so impressed with David…

After 3 months, he dropped almost 40 pounds. He has a SIX-PACK for the first time in his life!

He still can’t believe it when he looks in the mirror.

I know that feeling too!! :) ))

Check out David’s before and after pictures!

David's Impressive Transformation!!!

Does he look like a Spartan now?

I’m sure he could easily get a role in the movie too now ))

What can be said more…

He followed the program to the letter and the results speak for themselves.

He achieved his goal of…being as ripped as Gerard Butler.

He is now a great role model to his party-going friends (who’s laughing now?), family, and most importantly, his son Peter.

His new girlfriend is happy too!

Now…I’ve been friends with David for a very long time.

And let me tell you this…

If he could get ripped – then I’m pretty damn sure YOU can get ripped too! You just need to commit.

In other words there shouldn’t be any EXCUSES as to why you’re not in the best shape of your life.

If you really want it…you can do anything you want to do.

Now…BEFORE you read any further I need to be upfront with you about something. It’s only fair. To all of us.

Do you want to get in the best shape of your life?

…or do you choose to want to be or remain unhappy with yourself?

Cuz if you’re looking for instant gratification…then what I have is not for you.

No hard feelings.

I don’t WANT TO attract everyone

What I have is for the serious men only.


Because if you’re someone (you want it BAD, and will do whatever it takes) like me or David … and want to get ripped — then continue reading.

You’ll be buzzing with excitement — because you’ll be exposed to stuff you’ve never heard of or seen before.

…I will talk about stuff that matters.

  • Do you want to lose your stubborn stomach fat (and finally reveal your six-pack)?
  • Do you want to learn the most effective “abdominal” exercises in existence (as well as which ones to avoid)?
  • Do you want to get a fully comprehensive dietary plan that will actually have you enjoying food again and getting and staying lean for life.

What I have isn’t gold bars. For the most part it’s not sexy either.

But I can show you how to lose your stubborn stomach fat and get the best, most ripped abdominal area you’ve ever had in your life. That I can do.


Just add yourself to my private email list below. I’ll then send you the info via email.

See you there,

PPS: Don’t give up, getting a ripped six pack is possible for everyone, even if you think you’ve tried everything. Hey, I thought I had – I was wrong.